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4 Ways To Stay Motivated Even When It Seems You Are Unproductive

I was speaking to a friend today who was telling me how he has always been busy, probably because of exam. I had to tell him to stop saying that as that does not neceessary mean he is productive.

That you are busy is not a guarantee that you are fruitful. I knew that he made the statement out of him getting tired of himself. So, I deem it fit to put up this short write up to keep those in probably same shoe motivated in any project they might find themselve. Happy reading.

Oh! before I forget. It is necessary that I pay greetings to you. Well done, my entrepreneur and leader. You have come a long way. One cannot do without challenges of life. But you can overcome them.

Quickly, I will be sharing with you how you can stay motivated and focused when challenges arises.  So, we begin;

Review Your Vision.

This is the first step to staying alive when you face obstacles. Reviewing your vision is same as telling you to go back to your  root. There is tendency of forgetting the core reason why you start.

Going back refresh your memory, remind yourself why you  really start the project and instill the consciousness in you.

Think Of The Benefit

I do this a lot. Just like paul said rightly in the bible, "...looking forward to the things ahead." Think of the output. Think of how you will be celebrated when you you complete that project of yours.

If you understand the profits and joy you will derive in running your business, you will want to complete it.  Do this, it helps.

Partner With Others.

Having like-minded persons around you will do a lot. Collaborate with them. share your burden. And  you will definitely get a solution.

But, you have to be careful of whom you choose as your partner - As some persons are nothing but sadist.

Praise And Pay Yourself

Yes, pay yourself. You deserve it. you have been paying bills, paying this , paying that etc.. Praise your effort. This will inspire you to do more.

Lastly, give thanks and glory to the Lord. Give him Praise that you are alive. Walk in his covenant. Put these things to practice and you will have no reason to be down. The Grace of God covers you.

Thank you.
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Intafact Hero’s Foundation Entrepreneurship Application Opens.

About Intafact Hero’s Foundation

The Intafact Hero's Foundation was set up by Intafact Beverages Limited, in light of the understanding that the financial accomplishment of countries worldwide is the consequence of empowering and compensating the entrepreneurial soul.

The goal of the Foundation is creating and engaging young people, through enterprise and abilities securing. The attention will be on young people in the accompanying states: Abia, Anambra, Benue, Delta, Ebonyi, Edo, Enugu and Imo states. 

The Foundation expects to make, create and advance an enterprise culture among youngsters, through the arrangement of material support and the advancement of business culture.  

“Empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs by exposing them to
modern business management, mentorship, training and funding through the provision of seed fund. Ensuring that the growth of their businesses have a multiplier effect on the Nigerian economy.”

About Intafact Hero’s Foundation Kickstart Programme

First launched in South Africa in 1995 as a poverty alleviation initiative, the programme has also been implemented in Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Tanzania.

Intafact Hero's Foundation Kickstart is Intafact's Beverages Limited's corporate social venture (CSI) activity keep running by its auxiliary Intafact Hero's Foundation.

It is gone for ingraining a culture of enterprise among Nigerian young people by urging them to form their huge thoughts into practical organizations or grow their current organizations through the arrangement of material and monetary bolster which include:

  • Business development skill training
  • Business mentoring and coaching
  • Provision of grant for business start-up and or expansion


The Foundation is interested in Nigerians between the ages 18 to 35 years who live and have their organizations in the accompanying states: Abia, Anambra, Benue, Delta, Ebonyi, Edo, Enugu and Imo states. 

Candidates must be no less than 18 and at most 35 years with legitimate ID (e.g National I.D; Drivers License; International Passport; Voters Registration, and so on) as at the most recent day of the application time frame. 

  • He or she must be willing to operate the business on a full-time basis.
  • Should have an innovative business idea in need of a startup capital.
  • Or already have an existing small businesses needing capital to expand operations.
  • Energetic and entrepreneurial in approach.
  • Should be able to read and write.

Programme Phase


Interested individuals should apply by clicking here

I wish you the best..

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TEF 2017 Announces Chosen Applicant

TEF 2017 Announces Chosen Applicant

Good News! Good News!! Good News!!! 

 The long-awaited list of the chosen candidate for TEF 2017 Entrepreneurs has been released. 

Dear applicant, you are advised to check your registered mail to know if you have been shortlisted.

TEF 2017 Entrepreneurs Announces Shortlisted Applicant -

I wish you the best.......

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Rich Dad Poor Dad – Roberts Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad – Roberts Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad – Roberts Kiyosaki -


If all leaders are good readers and all entrepreneurs are leaders. Then, all entrepreneurs are good readers.

This is a book I recommend for you this month. I am not writing this post to give you the summary but reasons why you have to read it.

There are lots of criticism about this book. But I want to let you know that you can trust the authenticity of a book that last 283 weeks on New York's Best selling list.

So, the question is; What did I learn?

     Of course, I will not recommend a book that add no value to me. This is one of the book that sharpens my financial knowledge by making me know that going to school is not a guaranty to success.

First lesson.

Academic Success does not Guarantee Financial Freedom

You and I know that the educational system had deprived us of many things. A trend common now is “Go to school, get a good grade and get a high paying job”. This is very good but not complete in itself to make one financially buoyant & free.

There is nothing wrong in going to school but something if all you are there to do is to get a certificate.

With this knowledge, I proceed to the second lesson

Read Also: The Richest Man In Babylon - George S Clason

How To Make Money work For You.

Do you know why money answers to the call of the rich;  it is because they know how to put it to work to generate more. The secret to this is found in this book. This book is not an aid to get-rich-quick scheme but a book on financial education – helping you to maximize your wealth.

Assets & Liabilities

The dictionary never give a deep explanation to what these two words mean compare to this book.  Every transaction I make now in my business is based on this principle.


Be courageous. Invest in your future.

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15 Best List of Profitable Small Business for Nigerian Students (Section 1)

15 Best List of Profitable Small Business for Nigerian Students (Section 1)

15 Best List of Profitable Small Business for Nigerian Students (Section 1) -

            When did we just shout happy new year? The memory are still fresh in me. This is to let you know that time waits for no man and that this time is life. 

At this point in the year 2017, it is a great opportunity for you to start your business.
I want you to start this month with a good financial stand. That’s why you have this before you.
Starting any of this business will not only help you in school but even be a blessing after school.
I will give you the first seven (7) today, and the other eight (8) in my next post.
So, lets kick off.

1.  Petty Trading:

This business involves the selling of anything such as gala, pure water and etc. Are there any events coming up in your school such as matriculation party, convocation & more? Then, be prepare to make your sale. 

How do you go about this? As little as N2,000  is enough for you to start. All you have to do is market research of what products your customer would prefer most. 

2. Phones & Computer Repairs:

This business is divided into software and hardware. As you know already that the hardware deals with the physical components of the system while the software has to do with the internal components.

There is a need of repairers in the society because of the increasing number of gadget used. Start with the one you know best, then later you can expand your cost.  

You actually don't need a shop at the start of this business.  Your tools should always be in your bag.

Did you get that?  So, let's continue.

3. Barbing /Hair Salon:

Are you talented or have a knowledge of barbing? Then, this is for you. I love this business. It doesn’t solely rely on you having a shop. You can get your clipper, go from rooms to rooms and have their hair cut at student price. Cool cash!!!

What it only cost you is writing with marker on a cardboard paper and on pasting on necessary corners in your place of stay. That's it.

3. Farming:

This sounds funny, right? I tell you farming is a business you as a student can be involved in. You don’t need to be in the farm always. You can maximize your weekends by being a part of this. It is just that the business requires the knowledge of it.

I have a friend(students) who farms cassava majorly during the weekends and process it to garri. You always see 20 litre paint bucket filled with garri in his house. And you how foodstuff are expensive this period. There is much profit in farming. Think about it.

4. Photography:

Whenever I see guys doing this work, I envy them. A friend of mine snaps pictures for #500. You can imagine how much he will get for 10 users. You too can be a problem solver by starting this business.

You can not fake your skill in this business. Your expertise is highly needed to succeed.

6. Catering Services:

As at the time of writing this post, a friend of mine just told me he is into catering business. You don’t need capital to be a part of this business as you can be a part of a team outside there.

Most time you will be needed are weekends to cover events. Fix yourself into a team.

7. Blogging:

There are many blogs in Nigeria but few bloggers. Turn your passion into money. It is a really good means of income. Pick up a niche (Specialization), hire a web designer and start posting.

Now that you have this information within your reach. What are you going to do with it?
Own your future today.
Check out for section 2

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3 Reasons Why You Need To Take Your Business Online

3 reasons why you need to take your business online

3 Reasons Why You Need To Take Your Business Online -
      My honourable entrepreneur, the world is fast changing. There is rapid growth in technology. The world is begin to come together in a caged called internet. The big question is; how fast are you aligning your business with this change?

    Quickly, I will be showing you three reasons why you need to have an online presence.

You Spend Less

This is a very great advantage of the internet. It is affordable. You will spend less to get your businesses across to clients compare to the conventional (direct) method. For example , you spend less in publicizing your products /services using Facebook than printing posters. Take advantage of the internet today.

Read Also: 7 Reasons Why You Should Start A Business While in School 

More Customer & Profit.

What do you think will be the outcome of getting your products/services across many persons? The number of customer you can have via internet is not limited. The internet gives you no restriction as to how, when, where to carry out your business. instead, it is full of opportunities.

Definitely, more customer will yield more profit. You will achieve more with the little you put to work.


Surely, you will have updates on latest products, market trends and many more. Your use of the internet, place you ahead of your competitors. You now have access to more customer than they. This will make a huge difference in sales.

    Now you have see reasons why you need to start running your business also onine. You can CONTACT me for professional website and apps.

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Procrastination: A Thief Of Time

Procrastination: A Thief of time

Procrastination: A thief of time -

    Why do you leave till tomorrow what you can do today. You agree to carry out a task yesterday but you postponed it till today. Now, have you carry out the task or will you still postpone till tomorrow. My friend, that is procrastination.

If time is life and procrastination is a thief of time. Then, procastination is a thief of life.

Procastination is a shame that covers itself with reasons why a work cannot be done. How long will you keep giving excuses? You are meant to be more than what you are today. Your business should have gone farther than this.

Even the bible confirm this in Proverb 6:4 when it says;

 Don’t put it off; do it now! Don’t rest until you do.

Today, I am doing two times of what is require of me to do so as to cover up for the years I wasted through procastination

I can do it. You can do it. We can do it. Whenever you feel like proscatinating, remind yourself of the benefit of getting the work done.

Start little by little. This I leave with you;

"Know the true value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it. No idleness, no laziness, no procrastination: never put off till tomorrow what you can do today." - Philip Stanhope
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5 Tested and Trusted Laws of Wealth

5 Tested and Trusted Laws of Wealth

5 Tested and Trusted Laws of Wealth -

To everything on earth, there are laws (principles) governing it. So is wealth.

You don't pursue wealth to be wealthy. Apply its principle and it will run after you. - A.E Oluboba

Today, I will be sharing with you five laws that governs wealth.

1. Live below than you can earn

That your friend just bought a new phone should not prompt you to get one. Live within your means. You don't need to kill yourself to get a cloth from a boutique.

You live in an exotic house but have no food to eat. Common, get a smaller one and get yourself food stuff. Do this and you will not lack.
Note: This should not make you deprive yourself of that which is needed.

2. Pay Yourself

Paying yourself here means saving. You must save at least 10% of every of your income. You must have something to fall back to in the days of need.

Nigeria is a victim to this. Past governments failed to save when the oil sector was still rosy thinking it will always be. But, no problem. That is why you are reading these that you may put these laws to practice when you get to the top.

3. Make good use of every opportunity

"Opportunity is a haughty goddess who wasted no time  with those who are unprepared" This is a quote found in the book  THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON

Once it comes, use it wisely because you may never have another chance. Even the bible attest to this when it says "...redeeming the time for the days are evil."

If there is anything I don't and will never miss is OPPORTUNITIES. Sometimes these opportunities does not present itself as opportunities. It is in your own discernment that you know they are.

Read Also: Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Foundation 2017

4. Put your resources to work

Remember, I ask you to save atleast 10% of your income.  Ok. What do you do with the remaining? You invest.

Looking at our economy and its state, I urge you to invest at least 40% of your resources. Invest your time. Invest in knowledge. This will brink back a higher profit to you.

Here in school, I have so much invested in real business that all I see is returns (money) always.

I want to encourage you to use all resources within your reach to invest into your future. Read books in your own line of investments.

5. Giving

Take it or leave it: giving sustains your wealth. Don't bother trying to know how this work. It is a firm principle that cannot be change.

Have you ever wonder why rich people, likes of Bill Gates, Dangote, etc gives a lot? Oh, you think they have too much. They do that because of their understanding of giving.

Pay your tithe and offering when needed. You are the one who needs the blessing not God. A river that stops flowing stinks.

Lastly, learn to seek advice from those who have succeeded in your direction of life.

You have just learn what to do to be wealthy. Put them to practice.

Your question,suggestion, or contribution is highly welcome in the comment box below.
Thank you

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Are Leaders Born or Made?

Are Leaders Born or Made?

Are Leaders Born or Made -

    Leadership! Leadership!! Leadership!! Are leaders born or made? was the question that finds itself into my mind this day. Leaders and not Boss are needed in all fields of life - nations, kingdoms, organisation, companies even down to religious institution. They are limited: you know that.

     There have been records of great leaders in time past; Abraham Lincoln, Alexander the Great, Martin Luther King Jnr.,Nelson Mandela to mention but a few.  We have good upcoming ones which you are part of. I hope you know that...Read on.

People have equal value but not equal giftedness - John C. Maxwell

     If I may ask; what do you understand by the quote above? The quote tells us that everybody have same chance or better still equal GRACE to become who they want to be.

But the difference in our talents (gifts) and abilities distinguishes us.  The difference in gift is caused by many factors such as hereditary trait, environment, etc.

    Difference in these abilities brings about difference in capacity. Every one has same capacity as at the time of birth. This difference begin to show as we begin to make decisions.

All are born to be great but not all are great. A.E Oluboba

Every real and effective leader invest in capacity building consciously. Therefore, Leaders are Made and not Born.

Your success in life all depends on you and not your present condition. If you take up responsibility, you will surely fulfill your dreams.

Max Depree once said
We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are. 
Yes, we cannot.

The world is not bothered whether you are born gifted or not. The world is most interested in your result. What do you have to offer? Pursue value and success will run after you.

God will help that you will get to a point where decision cannot be made unless you are present.
This tells of your value.

My friend, whatever your case; Invest in growth. Hunger for  growth. Aim to to be fruitful. 

This I leave with you: Be too good to be ignore.

Awaiting your comment (Air your view).

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10 Inspirational Business Quotes

Quotes on Entrepreneurship

10 Inspirational Business Quotes -


Hello!!! I am sorry for bringing this late to you. I have been working on some projects. Today, I will be sharing with you, 10 Inspirational Business Quotes. This post is really for you. I wish you a happy reading time.
1. "In every entrepreneur story, you will find someone who has made a courage decision"-Peter F. Drucker
 Show me a great man and I will show you one who has made deliberate decisions. Never be afraid to make decision. Though good decision making requires thinking. In it is found success.
 2. "If you can dream it, you can do it"- Walt Disney
 What ever you can dream and your mind can conceive you can achieve.  Work toward fulfilling your dreams today.
3. "My best advice to entrepreneurs is this: forget about making mistakes, just do it".- Ajaero Tony Martins
Running away from mistakes is mistake itself. Do it the what you can do. There is always room for improvement.
 4. "The greatest discovery of my generation is that people can alter their life's by altering their attitude"-Wlliam James.

Read Also: Vision: A Yardstick to Success

True. Your attitude determines your altitude. Behave right at all times and you will find no means to regret.
5. "I know that if I fail, I wouldn't regret but I know one thing I might regret is not trying."- Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and CEO.

Yes, not trying is worse than failure. Because you will never know opportunity hidden therein.
6. "Chase the vision, not the money: The money will end up following you." - Unknown

Money is only a by-product of your work. Follow your passion, work with vision and money will not be a problem. Same as pursue value and success will run after you.
7. "Never look at resources at hand before you begin making plans." - O.A Stanley

Looking at things you have at your disposal will limit you. You don't have to wait till you have all before you begin. Project your vision. Start something. Start small. Start somewhere.
8. "The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing'- Walt Disney

Action! Action!! Action!!! cannot be overemphasized. When will you kick off your plans? Start something today.
9. "The road to success is rough and hard. Only those who endure it will enjoy it at last."- Prince Oluboba

This is a quote from my father. The road is truly rough but it's worth enduring because it is highly profitable.

This quotes has one way or the other inspired you. Work with this and get things done. Don't worry, we will surely meet at the top.

Don't forget the title says 10 inspirational business quotes. So, where is the tenth one? It is with you. Share with us in the comment box below, your own quote(s) over time.

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Business Skills You Need to be Successful as an Entrepreneur

Business Skills You Need to be Successful as an Entrepreneur

Business Skills You Need to be Successful as an Entrepreneur -

As a student, it took me months to understand the importance of this skills in business let alone gaining mastery over it.
Your success in business (including online) depends on your degree of perfection in these skills. If you lack any; develop it.
On your screen is business skills you need to be successful.  They are;

1. Ability to Think

   I must confess to you that thinkers rule the world. You can see this in the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Dangote, Michael Adenuga e.t.c. What do they think about? Problems and then solutions.
With a fast changing world like ours, your thinking faculty must be fast and rational as these help in decision making. Increase your mental accuracy today by reading books relating to your field.


     Your ability to communicate opens doors to success.

He who can communicate has all says A.E OLUBOBA

Read Also: Public Speaking: Express Yourself with Authority and Style

    Communication is highly needed in all spheres of life especially in business since it is a two-way communication. Improve your communication skills today.

3. Knowledge of the Internet

     You don't have a choice to this. As businesses are beginning to have an online presence. Web sites and apps (You may contact me to build one for you) are been built every day to enhance customer relationship. Learn the basics of computing. What are you waiting for? Be computer wise. Start learning.

4. Courage

     Courage is not what you have but what you do. If you are courageous, then why have you not submit your business proposal to organisations concerned? Or why are you afraid of to kick-start your new plan. Develop your courage by taking actions.

5. Management

      As one involved in business, you manage time, people and resources. How good are you in managing all these? Access yourself and mark on a scale of 10.

As a student, how best can you manage your business with your academics? Improve your management skills by setting priorities daily and early.

Now. you know skills require of you to be successful in business. It's in you. Develop it.

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Thank you.


Entrepreneurship is Leadership

Entrepreneurship is leadership

Entrepreneurship is Leadership -

All entrepreneurs are leaders but not all leaders are entrepreneurs. Take note.
Quickly, I will be sharing with you what makes  an entrepreneur a leader


As an entrepreneur, you manage time, resources and people. So also is a leader. Even if you are self-employ - you manage yourself. You make or break decisions. You are concern about your employer's welfare. All these makes the world management. This makes you a leader.


Every entrepreneur has a person(s) looking up to him/her. They may be your customer, young aspiring entrepreneur, etc. This is also a proof that you are a leader. You will surely have followers because they will desire the gift of entrepreneurship in you. so, Make sure you do that which is necessary to guide them.

Risk Takers

You can not take this from an entrepreneur. If your business has no risk whatsoever i.e you have never taken any risk. Then I urge you leave such business. Leaders and entrepreneurs are known for taking a risk - calculated risk.


Surely, the people(employee, customer, etc) looking up to you will someday need your advice. And it is your responsibility to give it to them. This is duty of leaders.

Now you know that you are a leader by being an entrepreneur. Precisely, a business leader. Act and walk in it.

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3 Methods of Increasing Sale in 2017

3 Things you can do to Improve Sales in your Business 2017

3 Methods of Increasing Sale in 2017  -

     Last year has gone for good. This is a new year. What is your plan towards your business? Irrespective of your area of business, what works last year is not sufficient to make success this year. This year, there is no time for trial and error. I have carefully come up with this 3 aspect of your business you can improve to better maximise opportunities found in this year.


Do you have an employee(s) or you are self-employed? Whatever the case. There are some decisions you made last year that slows the growth of your business. What challenge(s) do you face that you could not overcome? Is your employee lacking in certain skill?  If any, solve it out.

      Conquer your fear. Learn to maximise your time. Your highest investment is your TIME. Be more creative. Set SMART goals/targets for yourself. It is necessary you define how much you want to make for the year. Then, break it down to month then day.

This should not repeat itself this year. Work on yourself, work on your employee. Grow your employee and they will grow your business.

Check the causes of the decline last year and make sure you prevent them this year


     Are you satisfy with your sale last year? No, I guess. You can do better than that. Check out your mission statement; What do you have to offer? Who are those in need of it? How much do they have to pay? Was your price too high or low? These are questions you need to review.

Your biggest sale last year should be your least sale this year. Look out for new ways you can improve customer relationship.

I advise you learn from those who have gone ahead of you in your industry.

Online Presence

    If you had about 1000 likes last year on your facebook business page. This year, you should be aiming towards 10000 likes. Begin to work towards having your website and app. Contact Me to Get Your Professional Website Today

Read Also: How To Invite All Friends to Facebook with One Click

Increase your online presence. Take full advantage of the internet.

Do these three things and your business will drastically improve this year. I wish you a blessed and prosperous year.

Your comments are welcome.

Thank you.


How to Invite All Friends to Facebook Business Page with One Click

How to invite all  friends to Facebook business page with one click

How to Invite All Friends to Facebook Business Page with One Click -

I am sure you are tired with the conventional way of inviting friends (one by one) to your Facebook page.
Information in this post is a solution to the problem. Old things have pass away, all things have become new.

Let's get started;

Step 1
You need  to have Google chrome installed on your system. Only Google chrome browser can do this . If you don't have you can DOWNLOAD GOOGLE CHROME HERE

Step 2
Go to google search using Google Chrome and type “google chrome Facebook invite all”
click on the first option (i.e where the arrow is pointing to)

Step 3:
 Your next view will be as shown below. Click on the circled area.

Step 4:
Click on the "Add Extension Button"  shown

Step 5:
Now login to your Facebook business page and you will see a "marked sign" at the top right of the page as shown below. Go ahead to click "Invite friends to like this page" link.

 Step 6:
You can now click on the "marked button" after you have seen a view as one displayed below.

 After which this will appear.

Step 7:
You have just invited all your friends to your Facebook page. So click on close.

 Tell your friends to login their Facebook account using your google chrome. You know the next thing- invite all their friends to your Facebook page.

You have just learn how to invite all your friends to Facebook business page with one click

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Review: A Recap of 2016 - Tetpreneur

2016 in Review

2016 in review -
Compliment of the Season. It was like just yesterday when Tetpreneur began. I give glory to God that we can see the end of the year, 2016.

   Shortly, I will be taking you through all our post this year. This nice right? More important is your contribution. Tell me about what improvements you think the Tetpreneur (design, contents, etc) should have that I may deliver perfectly to you in 2017.

So, let's  begin from oldest to newest.

7 Reasons why You Should Start a Business While in School

3 Proven Ways to Have a Good Business Ideas

5 Means of Raising Money For Business as a Nigerian Student

Revealed: Secret (Principle) of Nigeria Richest Entrepreneur - Aliko Dangote

The Richest Man In Babylon - George S. Clason

Vision: A Yardstick to Success

3 Qualities of Great Entrepreneurs

5 Types of Student Entrepreneurs

Investment Opportunities in Nigeria: What to Know and What to Do Before You Invest

Business Name Search: How to Get A Unique Name to Register with CAC

Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program TEEP 3rd Round

Public Speaking: Express Yourself with Authority and Style in Business

Lastly, I really want to appreciate you for your support, advice and activeness so far. Thank you and God Bless. Have a blessed 2017. Amen.


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